Full-Elec crush

Full-Elec crush
Full-Elec crush
Full-Elec crush
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Full-Elec crush
Full-Elec crush
Full-Elec crush
Feature-Benefits :

Designed for intensive use. Easy maintenance.

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The Full-Elec cattle crush is designed for intensive hoof trimming in medium and large herds.

It is fitted as standard with:
- a ⧄ 60/3 mm galvanised metal frame,
- a specific adjustable self-locking headgate (Neckline adjustment of the headgate : 170 mm; 190 mm and 210 mm),
- a manual push/anti-backing system equipped with a W bar hind leg restraint system,
- a non-slip rubber floor mat,
- Motorised right and left front hoof trimming system, 220 V / 1020 W / IP 54 leg winches with one remote control per winch. Each system has a hoof-lifting hook connected to a Ø 8 mm winch. Height-adjustable in 8 cm increments (distance from floor to leg support: min. 525 mm x max. 685 mm)
- Motorised, weighted belly strap, 220 V/1300 W/IP 54 cable winches on each side of the crush operate simultaneously with a remote control on each side,
- a motorised hind hoof trimming system, 220 V/1020 W/IP 54 cable winch with a remote control. Cable with a hind leg hook,
- 220 V 5-metre power cable with mains plug,
- bar to prevent overturning Ø 48 mm x length 1.90 m at the rear of the crush.
- Rotating power tool holder with LED lighting.
- Weigh scale indicator pack.
- Sheeted side panels.
- 4 rear gates, 5 bars.

Options: Choice of headgates: PCCM, PCT or PCCA, Weigh scale indicator pack, Sheeted side panels and gates.
2.140 m
2.695 m
1.920 m
Sales unit
Inside width
0.80 m
Inside length
2.01 m
Rubber mat
Hoof trimming/care/weighing
Type of animal
Dairy cattle
Mobile crush