Sheep pasture fence extendable 7 bars with 1 latch 5/6 m

Feature-Benefits :

Bars are tightened at the bottom to contain small animals: calves, sheep, goats, etc.

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Option: can receive an additional “Easylock” latch on the 3rd rail Ø42.4 mm, pre-cut to receive it.

- Hot-dip galvanised after manufacture,
- 50 mm square front and rear upright, 2 mm thick,
Rear part:
- 4 transverse bars Ø42.4 mm locked on 2 bars using crush bolts and nuts,
- 3 transverse bars Ø35 mm,
- Spacers Ø35 mm notched with half-round groove,
- Quick fastening and adjustment using a plate at the top and a threaded eye bolt, threaded in a sheath, at the bottom.

Front part:
- 4 transverse bars Ø33.7 mm
- 3 transverse bars Ø26.9 mm
Available in versions:
- panel with 2 fixing plates to be bolted at a distance of 94.8 cm,
- 1 “Easylock” automatic latch Ø20 mm, guided in a rail (can receive an optional second latch, to be inserted in the 3rd rail from the bottom).

Supplied as standard with 1 “Easylock” latch to be mounted in one of the bars on the front of the hurdle, which has been pre-cut to receive it.
42.4/34 mm
1.15 m
5 to 6 m
Sales unit
galvanised steel
Number of rails
Number of locks
Net weight
92 kg
Number of spacers