Water bowsers on trailers 890 L

Water bowsers on trailers 890 L
Water bowsers on trailers 890 L
Water bowsers on trailers 890 L
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Water bowsers on trailers 890 L
Water bowsers on trailers 890 L
Water bowsers on trailers 890 L
Feature-Benefits :

Pre-equipped to accommodate numerous options.
The addition of the underride guard complies with the 2020 standard.

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The hot-dip galvanising process can leave ash deposits inside the bowsers. They should be washed before use and before fitting the valves and drinking trough supply accessories.

Our trailers are approved for the FRENCH roads only.
Those do not comply with the European regulation 167/2013.
The technical characteristics of our trailers are not compatible with the requirements of the various national regulations.It is your responsibility to approve this trailer in your country and to support all the costs linked to that approval.

Bowser technical features:
- Water bowser with continuous welding bolted to the trailer,
- Hot-dip galvanised after fabrication,
- Manhole cover with seal, pre-drilled for the float option with galvanised casing,
- Vent Ø42 mm for 500 to 1100 litre models and Ø60 mm for 1500 to 8000 litre models, which also acts as a hose inlet for filling,
- wide legs with 4 mm thick reinforcing plate,
- one ‘wave-quelling’ float for 3200 and 4400 litre bowsers and two for 5200 to 8000 litre bowsers.
Equipment on the front part of the bowser (cover side):
- an upper and lower outlet with Ø 20/27 mm (3/4") threaded female nipples for bowsers up to 2000 litres and Ø 33/42 mm (1" 1/4) for bowsers over 2000 litres.
These outlets can be used to attach the level gauge option,
Equipment on the rear part of the bowser:
- a main rear outlet Ø 80 mm (3" 1/8) on a plate with 4 holes, designed for attaching different valve options and a Ø 20/27 mm (3/4") threaded female outlet on the main outlet side.

Trailer technical features:
- Trailer with side members, 3 to 6 mm thick depending on the model and hot-dip galvanised after fabrication,
- Wider track for better stability,
- Braked axle and parking brake from 1500 L model,
- Underride guard on all models (compliant with the 2020 standard),
- Stabilising and retractable rear stands,
- Front tow bar support strip with large reinforcing gussets,
- Removable tow bar from 2000 L model upwards,
- Adjustable front tow bar stand for 890 to 3200 L models, with jack stand for 4400 to 6200 L models and hydraulics for the 8000 L model,
- Storage provided inside the trailer for the electric cable and brake hose,
- Electric extension from the trailer to the tractor (provided), preventing animals from damaging the wiring harness.
Rear lights connected by passing the wire directly into the trailer,
- Rear lights are fully protected by grilles,
- Left rear light with standard licence plate holder and socket with flashing light holder,
- Supplied pre-equipped to accommodate troughs or constant-level drinkers at the back and on the sides,

Numerous options: valves, constant-level troughs, mudguards, tyres, ladder, gauge and flashing light.

For optimised shipping: The 890 and 1500 L models are supplied with the welded tow bar and wheels mounted. The 2000 and 8000 L models are supplied with the welded tow bar and wheels unmounted. Option of delivering the bowser with the wheels and tow bar mounted, additional assembly fee required (PG1010500).
890 l
0.95 m
195 R14 6tr
Overall length
2.94 m
⧄ 50 mm
⧄ 50 mm
Hitch dimension
426 mm
Unladen weight
280 kg
1500 kg
1400 mm
Diameter drum
no brake
Dimension under the valve
701 mm
Bowser rear dimension
1835 mm
Sales unit